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Register for our upcoming training events here.
  1. When you want to register for a training, please first view our terms & conditions on tab 2.
  2. Then fill in this form below and we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities of joining the specific training.

1. Pricing:

  • All prices are shown excluding VAT.
  • Each participant is responsible for his transportation costs, his meals (unless specifically included in the event description) and where necessary his hotel costs.
  • The cost of training is always due in its entirety, regardless of the rate of participation to the event, or the payment form: registering for an event commits to paying the entire amount of the activity.

2. Downpayment:

  • Registration for an event is firm upon reception of a downpaiement of 300 Euros.
  • In case of no-show, the down payment is not reimbursed.

Payments must be paid to Best Business Consulting sprl at the following ING Bank account 370-1128615-10. (Code IBAN : BE41 3701 1286 1510 – Code BIC/SWIFT : BBRUBEBB ) with a clear mention of the name of the participant & the activity he is registering for and whether it is a down payment, a balance or a monthly payment.

3. General Conditions

Registering implies acceptance of these general conditions.

  • People registering to a training do so willingly and of their own accord.
  • Registration to seminars, workshops and trainings are kept in the order the down payment is received.
  • Rate, date or venue changes can occasionally occur. In all cases, those registered will be advised.
  • Kahler Communication Belgium reserves the right to cancel any scheduled activity. In this case (& in this case only), the down payment will be fully reimbursed.

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