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De Meulemeester, Catherine
French, Dutch

Contact me for Individual or Team Coaching in French or English.

De Weirdt, Martine
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French, Dutch, English

I discovered the Process Communication Model when I was still in my corporate life and was head of quite a large team.  It changed myself and it reinforced some intuitions I had about people management.  My career spanned over several years in different senior management roles, from Standards, HR to Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation and I took PCM with me along the way.  I am now passionate about training other people in various industry sectors and am thrilled when they discover the richness, the diversity and the adaptability and flexibility that PCM brings to personal and professional communication.

My career spans years of corporate experience in financial services in a range of senior roles from operational through to human resources and corporate social responsibility. I am not only certified in PCM, but also a certified coach.