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This website is dedicated to inform about the Process Communication Model® (PCM) in Belgium. As such, it provides information about the model, the listing of certified PCM professionals in Belgium, and opportunities to follow certifying trainings for professionals.
If you are looking for coaching by a certified professional coach or if you are looking for training on the model (base or advanced seminars), we invite you to contact a certified professional (click here to downoad the latest updated list List of PCM Professionals in Belgium.)

About Process Communication

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is a practical and innovative tool to achieve effective communication with others. It provides deeper understanding of relational dynamics, including keys to motivation, stress management and conflict resolution. People who are trained in the Process Communication Model® find it extremely useful to manage a variety of everyday situations both professionally and personally. So can you.

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  • Module I (Basic Training)
  • Module II (Advanced Training)
  • Module III (Train-the-Trainer module)
  • Module IV (Expert Training)

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For those who wish to teach PCM Module I & II to others, by becoming a certified PCM professional

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“In my private and business life, a real enrichment!! It shows me so much about me and the people around me.”

“I spent three unforgettable days of training. I am convinced that it will allow me to improve my relationship with others and my communication. Thanks a lot.”

“Excellent seminar that I am happy to have attended. It provides the necessary insight to communicate efficiently.”

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